Exploring the Turkish Coast: Gulet Cruise from Fethiye to Olympos


Embarking on a gulet cruise is a journey into the heart of tranquility and exploration. At Turkey Tour Line, we invite you to experience the allure of the Blue Cruise as we voyage from Fethiye to Olympos and back again. Set sail on an adventure that promises stunning landscapes, crystal-clear waters, and unforgettable memories.

olympos cruise

Gulet Cruise from Fethiye to Olympos

The Blue Gulet Cruise Experience

Discover the magic of a Gulet Cruise – an iconic Turkish sailing tradition that merges relaxation with discovery. Aboard our comfortable vessels, you’ll find yourself immersed in an environment where modern comfort meets timeless charm. As Turkey Tour Line, we’re dedicated to crafting a voyage that captures the essence of the Mediterranean while ensuring your utmost comfort.

Navigating the Fethiye to Olympos Route

Route Highlights:

  • Fethiye’s Enchanting Harbor
  • Pristine Beaches of Butterfly Valley
  • Lycian Ruins at Olympos

Embarking from Fethiye, our voyage follows a route that unveils Turkey’s coastal gems. Sail past the captivating harbor of Fethiye, where the blend of history and modernity is evident in every corner. Our Blue Cruise journey also takes us to the stunning Butterfly Valley, a paradise where lush greenery meets turquoise waters, perfect for swimming and relaxation.

Unveiling Olympos and Return to Fethiye

Discover Olympos:

  • Ancient Ruins and Lycian Tombs
  • Laid-back Atmosphere

As we reach Olympos, the whispers of ancient civilizations envelop you. Explore the remarkable Lycian ruins and intricately carved tombs that punctuate the landscape. Olympos welcomes you with its bohemian atmosphere, offering a delightful contrast to the bustling world outside.

Addressing Common Questions

What is a Gulet Cruise?

A Gulet Cruise is a traditional Turkish sailing experience aboard a handcrafted wooden vessel. It offers an idyllic combination of exploration, relaxation, and adventure along the stunning coastline.

What are the Highlights of the Fethiye to Olympos Route?

This route treats you to Fethiye’s harbor, the breathtaking Butterfly Valley, and the historical riches of Olympos, showcasing the diversity of Turkey’s coastal treasures.

Turkey Tour Line proudly presents an extraordinary journey that encapsulates the beauty of the Mediterranean – the Gulet Cruise from Fethiye to Olympos and back. Immerse yourself in the magic of the Blue Cruise, where comfort, exploration, and authentic experiences intertwine. Join us on board for an adventure that will linger in your heart for years to come.

Stay tuned for more travel tales and experiences from Turkey Tour Line.

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Discover the Best of Turkey on a 4-Day Blue Cruise from fethiye to olympos. Swim in turquoise waters, explore ancient sights, and relax on stunning beaches. Don't miss out on optional activities like paragliding and diving. Book your unforgettable gulet holiday now!
On Sale !
From 350,00
24 People
4 Days 3 Nights
Experience the most famous Blue Cruise from Olympos to Fethiye, exploring ancient sights and swimming in turquoise waters. Discover Kekova, Kas, Butterfly Valley, and more. Optional activities like paragliding and diving available. Unwind on a gulet with sunbeds and snorkeling gear. Book your unforgettable Turkish holiday now!
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