Çavuşin Village Cappadocia


Çavuşin Valley takes its name from Çavuşin Village in its region. It is a part of Red Tour. The village, built among large rocks, is home to a long history. The village, with its history dating back to the first century, is the area where Christian monks escaped from Roman attacks. Living spaces have been built inside the rocks to protect them from attacks. Living people used pigeon manure by explaining cavities in the chimneys due to inefficient soils. With the Byzantine period, Christianity lived freely, and with the coming of the Seljuks, it gained a place in Islam in the region. Churches, monasteries and mosques were built, the foundations of the brotherhood of religions were laid

More about Cavuşin Cappadocia

There are many religious buildings that you should definitely visit in Çavuşin Village. You should absolutely have a look at the Çavuşin Church, the Crusader Church, the Church of St. Jean, the Church of the Three Crosses and the Church of St. John the Baptist. You can see centuries-old frescoes and depictions in these churches. You can also see the graves made for the deceased more closely. You will step into a different world while visiting these churches with their history of over a thousand years.

Ceramic and pottery workshops, where you will witness the handiwork of the local people, are one of the main livelihoods of the village. In these workshops, you can experience pottery and pottery making as in old times and have an unforgettable memory. The village is located very close to Goreme. It is 2 km away on the Goreme-Avanos route.

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