St Nicholas Island


St Nicholas Island

About St Nicholas Island

St Nicholas Island, also known as Gemiler Island, is famous for being the supposed resting place of Saint Nicholas or otherwise known as Santa Claus. This island is located just 20kms from the large town of Fethiye. It is believed that when St Nicholas died in 326 he was buried here on the island before moving remains to Demre due to increased pirate raids. His bones final resting place is in the Italian city of Bari where they were relocated in 1087 by visiting monks. The island is scattered in some impressive ruins well worth the exploration. There are five churches that date back to the 4th and 6th centuries AD along with a large covered walkway that is over 300 metres long. St Nicholas Island is also one of the best spots to sit atop and get to witness one of the most magical sunsets in Turkey.

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