New years eve Dinner and Party by Sultanas istanbul

Istanbul , Turkey

New years eve Dinner and Party by Sultanas istanbul

Duration :   6 Hours
The Price :   120,00
Max People :    60
Start Location:   Your Hotel istanbul
Total Seats :  100/100
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turkey-tours Date :  31/12/2023 - 01/01/2024

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Welcome to the vibrant world of Sultanas New Year Dinner and Party istanbul, a captivating event hosted by Turkey Tour Line. As the official booking company for this spectacular evening, we invite you to immerse yourself in a night of opulence, entertainment, and cultural richness. Join us at Sultanas venue in Istanbul for an unforgettable New Year’s Eve dinner and Turkish night show

New years eve Dinner and Party by Sultanas istanbul

Sultanas New years eve Dinner and Party 

Get ready to immerse yourself in a night of glamour, culture, and celebration at Sultanas Venue as we unveil the enchanting New Year’s Eve Dinner and Party Program. Join us for a journey that will transport you to a world of music, dance, and indulgence, surrounded by the iconic skyline of Istanbul.

An Evening of Elegance:
As the sun sets on the final day of the year, Sultanas Venue transforms into a realm of elegance and opulence. The evening begins with a sumptuous dinner that pays homage to the richness of Turkish cuisine. Each dish is a masterpiece that tells a story of tradition and innovation.

The Turkish Night Show: A Spectacle of Artistry:
Prepare to be dazzled by the Turkish Night Show—an artistic spectacle that weaves together the past and present of Turkish culture. From the mesmerizing movements of belly dancers to the rhythm of live music and traditional folk performances, every moment is a celebration of Turkey’s vibrant heritage.

belly dance show sultanas

Dance into the New Year:
As the night unfolds, the dance floor beckons. Join the rhythm of the night as you sway to the music and dance your way into the new year. With a mix of traditional tunes and contemporary beats, the dance floor becomes a place of joy, connection, and shared celebration.

Countdown to Midnight:
Anticipation fills the air as the clock inches closer to midnight. As the final seconds of the year tick away, join fellow revelers in a heart-pounding countdown. As the clock strikes twelve, fireworks light up the sky, creating a symphony of color that symbolizes the dawn of a new chapter.

Toast to New Beginnings:
Raise your glass and toast to new beginnings as the clock strikes midnight. Whether it’s with a sparkling beverage or a traditional Turkish drink, the clinking of glasses resonates with the collective hopes and dreams of everyone in the room.

An Invitation to Celebrate:
Turkey Tour Line invites you to be a part of this unforgettable evening at Sultanas Venue. Embrace the elegance, immerse yourself in the artistry, and dance your way into the new year with open arms. Join us as we celebrate in style, surrounded by the beauty of Istanbul and the warmth of Turkish hospitality.

FAQ About Sultanas New years eve Dinner and party

Which Side of istanbul Sultanas Venue is located?

Istanbul is two continent city, European side and Anatolian side. European side is closer to Sultanas club. We highly recommend you to stay a hotel in european side. That will  make your new years eve more enjoyable

Does Sultanas venue offer Pick up service from  My Hotel?

Yes Sultanas gives shuttle service ( extra charge) and Dinner  company ( free) gives such a pick up and drop of services.

7/24  Whatsapp +90 5313789262 you can contact us we will try to solve your New years eve problems

Does Sultanas venuw continue till Morning?

I am afraid Mainly They all are till 02:00 am But 360 istanbul continue till 05:00 am.

Why Shall I book Sultanas Party with Turkey Tour Line?

Booking with Turkey Tour Line will ensure you get more out of your New years eve experience! We offer reasonable prices and secure your booking. In addition, We are local and speak your language. Contact us to see how we can impress you. or whatsapp: 7/24 +90 5313789262

When Should I reserve my place at Sultanas venue?

Turkey tour line highly recommends booking your New years eve dinner as soon as you can! Great and reasonable New years eve venues are getting often sell out quickly, so we would suggest you book your venue place early to get the best chance of reserving your table in each Venues.

Do I have to pay full amount or Pay some deposite?

All bookings made within 4-months of departure will be charged in full at the time of booking. But remember you have until 15 days before the date of your New years eve dinner to cancel for a full refund or change venue.

Reviews for Sultanas New years eve Dinner and Party

Rated 5 out of 5
5 out of 5 stars (based on 3 reviews)
Very good0%

New Years eve Dinner and Party at Nice and friendly atmosphere!

Rated 5 out of 5
January 16, 2023

Great Dinner and show that gave us a very nice New years eve memory from Istanbul! We are home now in a really cold Stockholm but thinking about the Sultanas-show makes us warmer at New years eve:-) Easy reach with transportation from the hotel, Lovely New years eve dinner menu and a warm and great show. Especially belly dancers and the small theatres that was played. Thanks to Turkey tour Line


Great New years eve at Sultanas' Belly Dance Show in Istanbul

Rated 5 out of 5
January 12, 2023

I attended the New years eve Dinner and Party at Sultanas and really enjoyed my New years eve there. Sultanas is in the Taxsim area of Istanbul. The show is complemented by a group of musicians with tabla, etc. and they play good music. The belly dancers are very authentic, each one having their distinct way of dancing and the atmosphere of the place is warmhearted and relaxing. There is no pressure on people having to get up and perform with the dancers. The food was good, the venue is decorated in rich colours, the facilities are clean and the waiters are very helpful. It was a great New years eve for me. Thanks Hussain from Turkey Tour Line


Sultanas - An excellent New years eve Dinner, good food and entertainments.

Rated 5 out of 5
January 3, 2023

My husband and I Booked for New years Eve dinner with Turkey Tour Line. We were picked up from our hotel and transported to Sultanas and looked after by attentive staff all evening. The food was good quality and there was a good variety to choose from. The show was entertaining with Turkish bellydancers who had a very good level of technique. At the end of a very enjoyable New years eve evening we were transported back to our hotel by the shuttle. The cost is More reasonable with other New Years eve dinner and shows. Also the pick up/drop off transportation saves you the hassle of getting taxis.



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Places You’ll See :

1Dinner and Drinks
2Belly Dance

Delve into the heart of Turkish culture through its rich traditions of folk music and folk dances. This immersive journey will take you on a rhythmic and vibrant exploration of Turkey's diverse heritage, where every step and melody tells a story.

Harmony in Tradition: Exploring Turkish Folk Music and Folk Dances

Join us as we celebrate the soul-stirring artistry of Turkish folk music and the infectious energy of folk dances that have been passed down through generations. dinner cruise turna  

3Folk music and Dance


31 Dec - Trabsfer from your Hotel to Sultanas Venue

We will pick up you from Your Hotel to the Sulatans Venue. Exactly pick up time will be given at confirmation  ecause the pick up time is depends your Hotel location

New year Program





AŞUK –MAŞUK (Folkloric due show)

HAREM SHOW (Which depict life iHarem)



Dinner and Menu


Herbs and rice stuffed vine leaves with olive oil

Smoked salmon

Aubergine sauteed with tomato souce

Cheddar cheese

Pilaki (Red kidney beans in olive oil)

Celery in yoghurt / Humus /


Cheese pastry And Fried Aubergine with Tomato sauce


Seosanal Salad


BEEF ENTRECODE SAUTEED (Side, rice, potatoes, vegs)

Vegetarian choice

Spaghetti OR Mushroom casserole OR grilled Vegetables


Ice cream on Turkish Baklava with pistachios Drinks: Unlimited local brand wine, beer, rakı, votka and soft drinks


01 Jan 2024 - 02:00 am Back to Hotel

After an unforgatable New years eve party we will transfer you back to your hotel securely

What's Included

  • Champagne Celebration
  • Drop of Hotel
  • New years eve Program
  • Pick up from Hotel
  • Un limitid alcohol or None alcohol Drinks

What's Excluded

  • Personal Expensis
  • Tips


Why Book With Us?

  • We are Local and Speaking your language
  • We are official Booking Company for Sultanas
  • 24/7 support helpline during tour and Travel in Turkey
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